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At Lowe Winery we offer two wine club options for our guests and friends. Our Foundation Members Club, has been operating for 7 years now. It is a limited membership club, capped at 500 – offering our long-standing friends and supporters access not just to our new releases, but also our museum wines. The second option is for those seeking to create their own selection, and to determine the frequency of delivery.

Both wine clubs offer you the opportunity to receive regular deliveries of our wine straight to your door.

Please see below to learn more and scroll to the bottom to choose your wine club.


Lowe Wine Club – choose your own adventure

The Lowe Wine Club is a regular subscription service for those who want to choose their own wine adventure. You will have access to the wines in the cellar door and the opportunity to build your own case for each delivery. You have the choice, not just of the wines, but also of the frequency of the delivery: annually, every 6 months, every 4 months, every 3 months.

This is the perfect wine club for someone who likes red wines only, or whites only, or has specific wines in our stable that you would like to receive at certain points of the year. You are free to go in and change your order 14 days before each delivery. Your annual discount is determined by the regularity of your wine purchases and the number you purchase:

One dozen bottles, purchased:

  • Annually – 5% off
  • 6 monthly – 10% off
  • Every 4 months – 15% off
  • Every 3 months – 20% off

Half a dozen bottles purchased:

  • 6 monthly – 5% off
  • Every 4 months – 10% off
  • Every 3 months – 15% off

(plus shipping cost of $15/case)


This is a limited membership club, designed to include and reward those of you who are true Lowe fans. David personally curates these wines and only Foundation Members Club members will receive, in addition to our recent releases, a few of his most special and rare wines in their yearly allocation. As the numbers in the cellar are limited, so too are the members!

Beyond your three annual cases of wine, the pick of any of these museum or limited releases will come to you first, as will tickets to our cellar door events.

We know most of our wine club members personally and look forward to meeting new members, particularly at cellar door and events. David loves getting your feedback (he even listens to it!) and the engagement with people who really appreciate what we stand for and the way we do it.

As always, David would love to share the best we have with those who really get it – three times a year in fact!


  • Membership is free.
  • Three times a year we will send you my personal selection of 12 wines
  • The case price is capped at $285 (plus $15 delivery).
  • Delivery will be in April |August |December.
  • The exclusive opportunity to purchase all Lowe Wines prior to public release.
  • 10% off Winemaker’s Table Dinners and other events at the winery.
  • 10% off any other Lowe Wines purchased at cellar door or by mail order.
  • Vintage, tasting and cellaring notes from David for each wine.
  • The Lowedown – my newsletter including seasonal updates news and views.
  • An invitation to attend the annual member’s winery cocktail party, at no charge.

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