Health Bundle Google Offer

RRP: $190.00


The health bundle – organic, biodynamic, vegan, unfiltered, preservative free. This pack of premium Mudgee wines has it all.. and tastes bloody good too. Includes tasting notes and personalised online wine class. 


The pack includes:


1x 2018 ‘Headstone’ Rose 750ml (organic, biodynamic)


1x 2016 Lowe Merlot 750ml (organic, biodynamic)


1x 2019 ‘Zin by Zin’ 600ml (organic, biodynamic, vegan, unfiltered)


1x 2017 ‘Block 8’ Lowe Shiraz 750ml (organic, biodynamic, vegan)


1x 2019 ‘PF500’ Preservative Free Shiraz 750ml (organic, biodynamic, vegan, unfiltered)


1x 2019 ‘PF500’ Preservative Free Shiraz 500ml (organic, biodynamic, vegan, unfiltered)



Accompanied by detailed tasting notes and voucher code for a free personalised online tasting.


Plus free shipping. 

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