2019 Dragonfly White Field Blend 2

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2019 Dragonfly Field Blend 2 

Version 2 and in a Riesling bottle. Also called a Hock bottle after the German wine town Hockenheim where there was a racing culture. Gewurztraminer and Sauvignon Blanc blended together, from the same vineyard at 1000 m elevation. It’s a musk lolly impregnated with Turkish delight. Not acid and thankfully not sweet, it’s between the two taste sensations, maybe soft is the appropriate word.

Kim, my wife, makes a salad with strips of beetroot and fresh salmon, and I know this works with the Dragonfly field blend because I wandered into the kitchen and stole a plate if it. I grabbed an open bottle, and this was the wine that I finished with the food. She still doesn’t know.

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