2018 Lowe Late Harvest Riesling

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Hail at Nullo Mountain destroyed my run of great dry Rieslings from this organic vineyard.

Instead I left the vines for a bit, hoping to make a sweet wine, but it remained dry and some raisoning occurred. I also purchased some fruit from Orange at high altitude to make a sweet white. I have a great winemaking friend who helps me out (I pay him) and he looked at the wines with Paul and I and figured that both wines together would be a style that is missing from Australia and would fit my ethos. So here it is.

In Germany it would be Spaetlese. We call it ‘Late Harvest’ because it was. Middle March for Nullo fruit and late March for Orange fruit.

Sweetness score is 42g/l certainly sweet but way short of the Botrytis styles that I and a lot of the world make 100g/l +.

The acidity hides the sugar a bit and served cold it’s a hot day drink. The finish is dry and this makes it worth drinking a second glass. I know it will hold and improve, because the 2004 Nullo Late Harvest Riesling I drank 2 months ago was sensational.

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