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2018 Jodie Wilbertree

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The 3rd release, made with Charmat method of bubbles – the sparkling or gas (CO2) comes from the yeast converting sugar to alcohol and CO2, in about equal measure. As opposed to the French method, which we call method Champenoise, and occurs in the bottle which means every bottle is a little fermenting vessel. How it becomes clean with no deposit and with good pressure is a slow, complicated and expensive process, hence the cost.

The Charmat method is to do the second ferment (first ferment was from grape juice to make wine) in a pressure vessel so that the whole tank is full of CO2 and a bit more alcohol but the batch is bottled more efficiently. The down side of this efficiency is the wine isn’t quite as complex, but it is sparkling and appealing. The third method, that we don’t use, is simply carbonated by pumping CO2 into wine or water – so its fizzy but it’s boring and has no flavour contribution.

Jodie is a spectacular pink colour this year from a bit of squeezing of Cab Franc and Petit Verdot. Not much else to say except drink within the year as she will lose her sparkle after 12 months.

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