2017 Lowe Zinfandel

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Under David’s watchful eye, our icon Zinfandel vines lie directly in front of the winery on a bed of stone, shale and quartz. Grown on bush vines that are untrellised, unirrigated, organic and biodynamic, the large grapes have flavours of raisins and christmas cake; characteristics of the best Zinfandels.


David has a long history with the Californian variety, having won the trophy for best Zinfandel at the prestigious International Wine Challenge in 2003. Each vintage is distinct to the year and is always our flagship. 


Built to last and get better with age, this wine’s dark colour has a concentrated flavour that is thick with gooey raisin sweetness, however no sugar. Matured in new oak 500L barrels, which give a slower oak soak up than smaller barrels but require better oak trees; a move that we have taken to in the later vintages.


Three years old with Christmas cake and dark fruits flavours coming through, requiring at least a few more to thicken up, which it will do. There is some drying tannin which is normal but will be part of the change when it matures (if it gets that far). If you have it now, enjoy with curry or pasta with loads of chilli. Or keep to mature for the next 10 – 15 years when it will peak.

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