2019 PF500 – Preservative Free Shiraz 750ml

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Preservative free wines are those in which no 220 (sulphur) is added, nor is any sulphur naturally occurring to preserve the wine. This makes it a very complicated wine to make, with large risks. We have been making it for 10 years now and are considered market leaders.


Using 100% Shiraz grapes from the Lowe vineyard it’s organic, biodynamic, preservative free and vegan. Colloquially we call it the health drink, grape juice in its purest form. The colour is very purple, so vibrant it jumps out of the glass, with flavours of stewed plum and some eucalypt forest. It’s not at all heavy like you might anticipate, but rather fruity & soft, and is best served chilled. 


It’s a wine for now, as time won’t change or benefit it. Best to finish the bottle the day you open it, or put it in the fridge. Also available in 500 ml bottles to assist with this.


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