2018 Dragonfly Red

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2018 Field blend of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 45% Petit Verdot and 5% Shiraz .


This year the mix is predominantly Cab Sav which isn’t organic, but the Petit Verdot and Shiraz is. Cabernet and Petit Verdot originate from Bordeaux (leafy, tomato seed) and Shiraz from the Rhone Valley (liquorice, pepper). The blend can be like oil and water if the pepper is a dominating aroma. We were conscious of this when blending so the Shiraz is way down the totem pole, only 5%. We tried it with no shiraz but it needed something to prevent the other 2 varieties reeking of herbs. That’s the fun of dragonfly; one day it’s Arthur, the next it’s Martha.


For all of this it’s still a tomato based food accompaniment, pizza, pasta, polenta. I don’t take this wine too seriously, it’s what we term upfront and obvious, slight show pony, a young Hyacinth bouquet with training wheels.


David Lowe

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