2013 Bobby Lowe Sparkling Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon

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From humble beginnings this style has become an important bottle in our wine shopping cart. It’s a popular wine at Cellar Door and people often share a cold bottle over a Tasting Platter or one of our Cheese Boards.

The third wine of 2013 we have released, over the last 3 years, it needed the extra time, as it was a bit callow. Now it’s getting to be a swan.

I look for parcels of wine that suit this style. It needs to be subtle it needs to be not too alcoholic (otherwise it wont work), and it needs to have no faults, greenness, off odours and no vinegar content. And preferably with some age that makes the wine soft and creamy, words that are not related to taste but to enjoyment.

I make the base wine at the winery, mature it until its ready, then send it to a champagne maker who does the clever stuff!

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