Food & Wine Seating

RRP: Free

We welcome you to enjoy our new style platters, wine by the glass/bottle and tastings on our terrace at the Lowe Cellar Door. Please select an available time and the number of people in your group (including children). 


This booking provides you a designated 1 hour time slot to spend enjoying a regional platter, wine by the glass or bottle and/or a tasting. This seating can not be extended when other bookings follow.*


With space so limited, please inform us of any changes to booking numbers, cancelations or delay on arrival time as soon as possible by phone. We will try to accommodate where possible. Your spot will only be held for 10 minutes if we have not been advised by you otherwise. 


We look forward to welcoming you back to our renovated space.



Details around Food, Wine & Tastings:

Social distancing and spacing laws currently allow a maximum of 10 guests at any one time. From June 1st this limit is lifted to 50 people, which we can comfortably seat across our large terrace following the adequate spacing rules. All tastings must be conducted at a table, and before June 1st be accompanied by food.


*Spots for the June long weekend are filling up fast. Bookings are essential, and we can not seat anyone beyond this limit. Seatings can not be extended beyond the designated 1 hour time slot. We apologise if your desired time is not available. We hope to accommodate you on an alternate time/day.

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