The Winemaker's Table

Good Food and Great Wine

Imagine a big dinner party where the host has access to a great cellar and one of the region's great cooks.

Imagine now that you are in the middle of a working winery at a banquet width table set just for the occasion. In the morning the site will be turned back over to barrels, forklifts and hoses.

These dinners provide an opportunity to feast, to learn, to share and to enjoy Mudgee with one of the wine industry's most informed and entertaining figures.  

David Lowe will select a wide range of wines, including museum stock, and share these along with stories (tall tales and true).

Winemaker's Table Dinners at Lowe Wines are not a restaurant experience. You will be asked to participate in moving platters of food around, possibly also pouring the wine and fetching the water. 

Winemaker's Table Dinners are held every third Saturday.

Upcoming Winemaker's Table dinners

  •  TBC

Cost is $130.00 per person (with 20% discount to Lowe Wine Club members).

Time: 6.30pm pre-dinner drinks, with a 7.00pm sit down for dinner.

"The wines may be precious, but it's strictly off limits for the host and guests to be."

Winemakers Table Dinner