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The thinking is that Lowe Wines is a winery, not a restaurant. We provide food to showcase and add pleasure to the wines that are produced here.

We also enjoy simplicity. We don’t divert from the focus on quality wine and food.

LOWE FOOD - Available all week

Every day, including weekends, Wine Tasting Platters...  $30.00

*As we are a winery who provide food to enhance that experience, but not a restaurant, we do not take bookings. 


Pop Up Cellar Door at Kitchen by Mike...more

Dinner at Chiswick...more

Lowe Food Platters... We are constantly expanding what we can produce here on our own organic gardens, farm and orchards.  Local and seasonal is standard practice here.

You can enjoy Lowe Food Platters every day and book a wide range of diverse and innovative events that are occurring regularly.

Tunnel of Lowe

If you don’t have a copy of our annual event calendar download it now. Scroll through the events listed here to get a better idea of the very individual nature of each.

You can be assured of the very best of David Lowe’s wines accompanied by local produce, right in the environment where each is made to be enjoyed - with joy and without fuss or fanfare.